We are li-x, Europe's first software exchange for used volume licences. With a dedicated team of licence pros, web developers, sales and communications employees, we created li-x to revolutionize the trade with used software. Since there are no intermediaries, companies earn and save more money when dealing on li-x. At the same time, li-x offers maximal legal security. Prior to every sale, we validate the licences' transferability. Only after the chain of title has been documented completely and all legal prerequisites have been met, we release the licences to the market.

We began developing li-x in November 2013. Since March 2014, the online platform is open to companies. In April, li-x received the 'innovation IT award' from the Initative Mittelstand (competition for mid-sized companies), earning third place in the category internet services. Today, more than 600 companies from more than eleven european countries are trading used software licences on li-x.
Boris Vöge, CEO

Boris Vöge
Founder and CEO.

Boris Vöge studied Competition Theory and Politics and has been working in the IT business for more than fifteen years. The deregulation of the market for second-hand software is one of his special interests. For years, he has been a dedicated advocate of creating more transparency and free-trade in the second-hand software market. As the founder and CEO of the preo Software corporation, he helped the company become one of the most renowned in Europe.

Sven Mutzl, CIO

Sven Mutzl
Founder and CIO.

Sven studied Mathematics and Information Technology at the University of Hamburg and conducted research in natural language processing at the Jiao Tong University in Shanghai. He is responsible for the development and the technological implementation of li-x.