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Blockchain Protects Used Software

Crypto Technology for Even More Transparency and Additional Safety

Security is of the utmost importance for our clients. In case of a software audit, i.e. when a software manufacturer conducts a license check, customers want to be properly licenced. The transparent processes which li-x has established since the company was founded in 2014, are now additionally secured by Blockchain technology. Therefore, we have combined our existing technology, that automates the licence transfer process, with the Blockchain.

Even More Security on the Used Software Market

The supply chain of the software – from the initial buyer all the way up until the final customer – is now even more comprehensible. However, doing so, we never transmit clear-text information or details of a transaction to the Blockchain. Rather, the combination of relevant information regarding the purchase, the licence origin and the transfer generates a hash value, using an encryption mechanism. This hash value is then irreversibly written into the Blockchain for all time.

A Real Application of Blockchain Technology

li-x is one of the first applications that actually uses the Blockchain technology. Over 1.1 million licences were transferred during 9,000 license transfers. All of these transfers are secured by the Blockchain technology. This corresponds to a licence value of approximately 180 Million Euro in terms of second-hand market prices.

Our In-House Development Ensures Your Flexibility

For each transaction, li-x generates multiple hash values and stores them in a self-developed structure – in the form of a so-called sidechain. In this manner, all following transactions are linked together. The great advantage of our in-house development: li-x is not dependent on any specific Blockchain and in full compliance with the Data Protection Laws.

The Plus for Resellers and Users

Our trading platform is often used by resellers to obtain licences for their clients. Every reseller can provide their customers with validation of the licence transfer (via the so-called “Licence Proof”).
Through a website, the users are able to check each transaction for accuracy, view the transaction details, and see the time of the Blockchain record.

“Ever since the founding of li-x, we have been dealing with Blockchain technology. The fact that licence transfers with this technology cannot be manipulated is a progressive forward- thinking for the legal protection of second-hand licences.”

Expert Mode with All Hash Details

We write the information in two Blockchains. The Metaverse blockchain is very functional, as the mining (writing into the Blockchain) is done very quickly. The Bitcoin blockchain is the most widely used and therefore most tamper-proof public Blockchain.

The transactions are written into the Metaverse blockchain in short intervals, while transactions to the Bitcoin blockchain are done on a weekly basis.

Experts and technically-minded people are offered a “Detail Mode”, where they can compare the last hash of our sidechain with the hash found in the Blockchain Explorer. If the two hashes match, then the data used for the transaction is cryptographically proven to be the same.

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