Good reasons to buy used software licenses

Market analysts recommend to buy recycled software as this can significantly reduce a company’s expenditure on software. Those turning to used licenses instead of new can ease the burden on their IT budget dramatically. Because software does not wear, has intrinsic value and comes equipped with the same functionalities it had the day it was first installed. In addition to the basic costs involved in procurement, your company’s maintenance costs can also be reduced considerably through standardisation.

3 Top Products. Save up to 70%.

Here we present our current top offers of software licences with an outstanding price-performance ratio.

Our comprehensive range of used software includes current and previous licences. We trade server licences, operating systems, Microsoft Office licences as well as products of many other providers such as Adobe.


Office Professional Plus 2016
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Office Standard 2016
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Office Professional Plus 2021 LTSC
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Audit-secure and verified

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Only licences with Europe-wide use rights

Your security is our priority

We only trade verified second hand software and name the source of our licences. Our Blockchain technology guarantees that the owner's history cannot be manipulated.

Our Security + Standard

  • The nature of the contract is specified, including contract numbers.
  • The first owner is mentioned.
  • Our Electronic document archive: transfer documents can be retrieved at any time.
  • Audit-security by li-x: No risk for companies and reseller

Only verified licences are traded on li-x:

The first job of our legal experts is to make sure that the legally applicable framework conditions required for trading 2nd hand software have been fulfilled.

Then our li-x Security+ Standards come into play. The licensing department looks after matters concerning the disclosure of the chain of title. They determine which contract the software originates from (incl. contract numbers), who the previous owners were, and also details of the update history.

This information is carefully researched for each and every one of our licences and stored in the portal for our customers.

This way we can be sure that you are buying legally sound used software licenses on li-x, capable of passing any audit.

Legal Basis:

  • The original buyer must have demonstrably uninstalled the software before the sale.
  • The software is put on the market in the EU and Switzerland in accordance with the contract.
  • The licence is acquired from the previous owner.
  • The chain of title is verifiable.
Your security is our priority
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The initial owner is named

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Every licence is checked for transferability

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Our clients get details about the source contract

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Clear documentation of the owner history

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Insurance against transfer problems

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Audit-security backed by blockchain technology

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More than 5600 happy customers

What are our customers looking for? Used software for operating systems, servers and office programs. What they find with us: More than 650 products at affordable prices, simple purchasing processes and their contact person in the local language.

Since the launch of li-x in 2014, over 5,600 companies from across Europe have been utilising the potential of pre-owned software from li-x. IT-managers rate the user-friendliness of the platform. Having set up your account, you simply need to verify it and then you are ready to go. There is zero risk involved as we check all used software licences for legal compliance before purchase.

Buy software licenses – current as well as previous releases: Low-cost software from the li-x platform for companies and reseller. Whether you want to buy used Microsoft Office applications, server licences, operating systems or products from other suppliers, such as Adobe, IBM, Oracle or even CAD software: every licence is checked for legality before we sell. The document archive contains records of all the relevant information that you require. You have access 24/7 to the trading history (incl. details of previous owner), contract numbers, product keys, billing info and precise product names.

Innovations, Passion and Commitment in the Service of Our Clients

Our people take center stage with us. The person takes centre stage with us. Our teams work together across specialist areas and national borders. We believe in diversity. Our multicultural roots give us an edge in serving our international customers in the best way possible. And we are growing. More European countries are being added year after year.

Boris Voge

Boris Vöge
Founder and CEO

Boris Vöge studied Competition Theory and Politics and has been working in the IT business for more than fifteen years. The deregulation of the market for recycled software is one of his special interests. For years, he has been a dedicated advocate of creating more transparency and free-trade in the used software market. As the founder and CEO of the preo Software corporation, he helped the company become one of the most renowned in Europe.

Sven Mutzl

Sven Mutzl
Founder and CIO

Sven studied Mathematics and Information Technology at the University of Hamburg and conducted research in natural language processing at the Jiao Tong University in Shanghai. He is responsible for the development and technological implementation of li-x.