Microsoft SQL Server Standard 2016

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SQL Server 2016 provides a faster and better way to perform your day-to-day business transaction under strict surveillance. The server offers more powerful analytics, queries, and deep insights. Unlike SQL server 2014, this time they did not provide Business Intelligent and combined it with Enterprise edition. 

SQL Server 2016 Editions: 

Enterprise Edition: It is the premium edition, with powerful datacenter capabilities with zapping speed 

Standard Edition: Provides basic data management and business intelligence database, on-premise as well as on the cloud. Suitable for departments and small businesses. 

Developer Edition: It allows the developer to build and test applications on the top of the SQL Server. It has the same features as Enterprise edition but cannot be used for production workloads, only for development and testing. 

Express Edition: Express edition is the free edition provided by Microsoft for learning purposes. It is the best option for developers to build client applications. 

Web Edition: SQL Server Web Edition is the lowest cost Server available to manage your data. It provides reliability, manageability, and scalability to small as well as large scale organisations. 

Core-Based Licensing 

You can avoid purchasing User CAL for every person and instead can go for core licensing. Core-based licensing comes in handy when you have many users that might need to access your server. 

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