Our Philosophy

li-x was developed for you. We are continuously learning what is important to clients and have been doing so in the 10+ years we have been trading used software. IT staff and resellers need to acquire software licences in a cost effective way. You want access to the market for used software both while purchasing and while selling with an eye for legal certainty and at a minimal cost.

However, many used software vendors fulfil only part of the requirement. The licence origin is often not stated and then you cannot be certain where the licence comes from. A worst case scenario is that you get academic licences from Asia that do not fulfil the requirements set by the rulings of the European Court of Justice (ECJ) and the German Federal Court of Justice (BGH). This can result in a failed audit.

That is why we founded li-x. Our functions, customer service and prices are tailored to you. We provide first-class products, transparency and legal certainty.

It does not matter whether you want to purchase software for your company, governmental agency, or customers. We support you efficiently, at a fair price, and in your chosen language.


Since we launched in 2013, we have helped more than 5,600 clients throughout Europe to save on licensing costs. – Why not make one of your company one of them too?

Our Branches


TThe headquarters of li-x lies in the heart of Hamburg between the Alster and Elbe rivers. The metropolitan area has one of the strongest economies in the whole of northern Europe. We like the dynamic prospects and Hanseatic values of the city. We find the best staff for our R&D team here. They are constantly developing new functions and improvements for li-x. The Sales and Marketing team enriches the whole of Europe from here. Our Customer Service team is internationally positions – and responds to queries in German, Spanish, Italian, French and English.

The United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Spain, and Italy

We have a country manager in each of these countries. They know exactly how the companies in the respective countries work and what needs to exist locally with regard to the use of enterprise software. We maintain close contact and exchange feedback constantly because only who communicate with one another understand and are understood.

Our team

Innovations, passion and commitment to the service of our clients

Our people take centre stage. Our teams work together across specialist areas and national borders. We believe in diversity. Our multicultural roots give us the edge in serving our international customers in the best way possible. And we are growing, more European countries are being added year after year.