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li-x’s cloud service makes used software trade easy for resellers

“The user-friendly platform for purchasing, selling and managing software licences allows for a legal and easy trade of software rights. The system is similar to that of a security and commodity exchange.”


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li-x expands its reseller features

“The online trading platform li-x is expanding its service features for resellers. From now on trade partners can offer their clients the licences directly from their licence account. “


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Resellers profit from li-x’s new reseller’s account

“Resellers who trade used licences on li-x can now profit from a new sales support feature. This allows them to access their clients’ licence information and directly transfer licences to them.”


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30.06.2015 makes life easy for resellers

“Easy purchase, management and resale – those are the features of the used software exchange platform At the same time the marketplace promises to reduce efforts for dealers.”


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Used software – a legal and easy way to trade

“The software exchange platform li-x has created a new type of account for dealers, who sell second-hand software. This way stocks of licences can be easily and directly be transferred to registered clients. “


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li-x introduces a new account especially for resellers

“Resellers are now able to buy used licences via li-x’s marketplace and sell them directly via a new Reseller-Account. The service is free of charge for all resellers.”


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li-x introduces a new account especially for resellers

“The German licence exchange li-x wants to simplify the process of purchasing, managing and re-selling for its clients by introducing a new special account for resellers. “


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Fast and simple: Dealing with licences on li-x

“li-x was designed for an easy get-together of companies that want to sell or buy software. A young start-up company from Hamburg is the operator of this project.”


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li-x is your new marketplace for used software

“The Hamburg-based start-up li-x launched a software trading platform for companies”


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A new start for used software

“Companies are now able to sell software they no longer have any use for on li-x””


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A legal and safe road to success

“With an exchange for used software the Hamburg-based start-up li-x is now looking for new customers in the corporate and institutional sector. It is a promising proposition, which at the same time focuses on legal security”


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li-x is Europe’s first software exchange

“This is the launch of an exciting new project: li-x is a an exchange market for software licences. Companies that want to sell or buy their software meet here for a simple and fast way of trading.”


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The new software exchange market

“Used software: li-x launches first exchange for licences”


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